Our products line of oil-free piston type vacuum pump or compressor for OEM application, has as mainly features:

  Die-cast aluminium construction;
Strong structure, light and compact;
Low noise and vibration;
Stainless steel valves;
PTFE ring non-graphitic (no residue eliminitaiom);
Long life durability;
Thermic protection (except model BCPDC - 55);
Resistance to chermical substances (check our especial chemical resistant models);
Permanently lubricated bearings;

We are able to furnish to the customer who needs small quantities with flexibility and technical support thus providing the best product with the lower cost.

Due to their light and compact structure our vaccum pumps and compressors are ideal for a great range of application. For example:

  Medical and odontological equipments;
Lab equipments;
Graphic industry equipments;
Computer peripheral equipments;
Ovens and stoves;
Industrial automation;
Motor-cars industry;
Agricultural devices.